Today, the YJ-generation Wrangler is probably your cheapest entry into the Jeep world this side of a rusty Cherokee. It's also a car that made sure the Wrangler could live on for another thirty years without losing its charm.

The 1992 Wrangler Renegade was a facelift of the 1987 original, upgraded by Chrysler with 'Terminator-inspired graphics and fender flares," as well as 15-inch alloys and the fuel-injected version of the 4.0 straight-six as standard. Its three-speed automatic was geared for optimal off-road performance, while the Renegade also came with disc brakes at the front, with ABS remaining an option.

Interestingly, while the YJ was replaced by the TJ in America and Europe in 1997, on the other side of the world, it was kept in production as the Iranian Jeep Sahara all the way until 2001.

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