No. 7 Jordan Conover picked up his 2nd Keysor Memorial win in Bud Thunderstock action, with NASCAR legend Kenny Wallace making the trek from St. Louis Missouri to bag the Northwest Physical Therapy UMP Modified feature win.

Kicking off the nights action were the Budweiser Thunderstocks in an 18-lap A Main honoring the memory of 1990 Limaland Stock Car Track Champion Bobby Keysor and his father Bill who raced in fuve different decades at Limaland from the 1950s to the 1990s.

No 82 Chris Douglas and No. 463 Daniel Sanchez would lead the field to green with Forest Ohio’s Jordan Conover getting a great start from 3rd to battle with Douglas for the lead. Conover would grab the point by the end of lap one and lead wire to wire with cautions on lap 2 and 11 the only things able to slow him down. Sanchez would power to 2nd on lap 12 and try to close on Conover, with no luck. No. J1 Jeff Matheny would charge to 3rd on lap 16, with Douglas finishing 4th and No. 00 of UNOH Racer Brandon Pralley completing the top 5.

Next up were the 4 Cylinder Tough Trucks in their 15 lap feature. No 17H Kelcey Helmig, and No 20K Matt Twining led the field to the green flag, but No. 71 Chris Hicks got a tremendous start to grab the lead from 5th before the field reached turn 2. Caution would wave on lap 2 for the No 316 of Devon Hower making contact with the turn 4 wall and coming to a stop.

On the restart, Hicks would pull away and never be seriously challenged, grabbing his 49th career Tough Truck win. No. 17D Devon Helmig would finish a distant 2nd, with Kelcey Helmig 3rd, Matt Twining 4th, and No. 82 Kevin Knittle rounding out the top 5.

UMP Modifieds would be the final feature of the evening. No. 36 Brandon Vaughan and No 36 Kenny Wallace would lead the field to green with Wallace getting a good initial start, but the caution would wave for No 10L Nathan Loney getting into the backstretch wall and coming to a stop.

On the complete restart, it was Vaughan getting a great start and narrowly sliding up in front of Wallace, but once again the caution would wave, this time for UNOH Racer No 71 Scott Fritz spinning in turn 4.

On the third try to get the feature underway, Wallace would grab the point over Vaughan with No 65 Todd Sherman of Churubusco Indiana grabbing the 3rd spot. Sherman muscled his way past Vaughan on lap 5 and would set his sights on Wallace. Caution flags on laps 6, 7, and 12 kept Sherman in striking distance, allowing him to close on Wallace by running at the very bottom of the track. Wallace would get away for good after the lap 12 caution, winning over Sherman, No 95J Jerry “Jedi” Bowersock, Vaughan and No 11H Mike Hohlbeing completing the top 5.

Heat races were won by Wallace, Vaughan, Hohlbein and Loney. B Mains were won by No 9C Troy Cattarene, and No. 9PG Percy Gendreau.

Limaland Motorsports Park returns to action on Friday when Anheuser Busch Sales of Lima presents the Busch Clash.

The K&L Ready Mix NRA 360 Sprint Invaders make their 2019 Limaland debut in the 18th Annual “Run for the Rabbit”.

$3000 awaits the feature winner in this event honoring the memory of Limaland sprint car ace Travis “The Rabbit” Miller.

Grandstand gates open at 5 p.m.; pit gates open 4:30-8 p.m.; warm ups at 6:30 p.m.; racing at 7:30 p.m.

1. 463-Daniel Sanchez; 2. J1-Jeff Matheny; 3. O1-Bryce Nichols; 4. 26-Justin Long; 5. 77-Corey Wooten; 6. 22T-Tony Anderson; 7. 2-Cody Anderson

1. 82-Chris Douglas; 2. 57-Jeffery Jessup; 3. 23-Casey Barr; 4. OO-Brandon Pralley; 5. 89-Keith Shockency; 6. 27-Frank Paladino; 7. 88-Tod Sturgeon

1. 7C-Jordan Conover; 2. J2-Rob Trent; 3. 87-Andy Welch; 4. 1W-Mark Wooten; 5. 1-Chad Coleman; 6. 17H-Devon Helmig; 7. 7W-Dan Wooten

1. 7C-Jordan Conover[3]; 2. 463-Daniel Sanchez[2]; 3. J1-Jeff Matheny[4]; 4. 82-Chris Douglas[1]; 5. OO-Brandon Pralley[11]; 6. J2-Rob Trent[6]; 7. 23-Casey Barr[8]; 8. O1-Bryce Nichols[7]; 9. 22T-Tony Anderson[16]; 10. 89-Keith Shockency[14]; 11. 87-Andy Welch[9]; 12. 57-Jeffery Jessup[5]; 13. 7W-Dan Wooten[21]; 14. 27-Frank Paladino[17]; 15. 1W-Mark Wooten[12]; 16. 26-Justin Long[10]; 17. 88-Tod Sturgeon[20]; 18. 77-Corey Wooten[13] 4

1. 82-Kevin Knittle; 2. 2X-Chris Bitters; 3. 20K-Matt Twining; 4. 99H-Phil Hicks; 5. O-John Sanford; 6. 2-Dustin Ratliff; 7. 70-Terry Klopfenstein; 8. 13-Gaige Slaven Heat 2 - (8 Laps - Top 8 Transfer) 1. 71-Chris Hicks; 2. 17D-Devon Helmig; 3. 17H-Kelcey Helmig; 4. 316-Devon Hower; 5. O1-Roy Miller; 6. 11-Darrin Reed; 7. 99-Andy King

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1. 71-Chris Hicks[5]; 2. 17D-Devon Helmig[3]; 3. 17H-Kelcey Helmig[1]; 4. 20K-Matt Twining[2]; 5. 82-Kevin Knittle[6]; 6. 2X-Chris Bitters[4]; 7. O1-Roy Miller[10]; 8. O-

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